Movement creates momentum!

Today’s post is about something that’s worth fighting for with EVERYTHING IN YOU.

This week I pulled my MCL, it’s been A LONG TIME since I’ve had a serious injury. I was really pumped up about working hard this week too … but I did end up getting a doozy of injury, and had to take a couple days off.. oh well, it happens.

Anyhow, it kind of threw me off my regular schedule, and I spent a few days just working on the computer and laying around on the couch so I could get better.  A funny thing happened in the midst of project couch flop; I noticed myself stressing about stuff WAY more than normal.

Yesterday, I was able to take action on a few things and get a workout in…suddenly I stopped stressing about stuff, and my eye is on the ball again. 


Worrying is like prayer in reverse, it’s like meditating and visualizing and doing affirmations for what you DON’T WANT


Just getting up and doing something reminded me of something I read in a book years ago:

Movement creates momentum

Boy does it ever (The Boot Camp workout helped a ton also if I go two days without getting a sweat on I start to get a little weird, lol). No matter how big or small, just doing something to move towards your goal gets the process started….and getting started is always the hardest part. As Sir Issac Newton taught us, an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Do something good for yourself and check out this video to help reset your head and clear out all the stress and negative thoughts you might have been experiencing, then take action on some of the things that are stressing you out..

This video might be the best few minutes you spend today; it is an excerpt from one of the best books of all time and a great author and master of success, Dale Carnegie.  After you watch the first video, be sure to check out the video below it, It was produced by Tony Robbins and has some great quotes from the greatest of all time, Muhammed Ali, It always gets me fired up, ENJOY!

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