Twelve Ways to Make Veggies Taste Great

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

Many kids do not like to eat their vegetables. Some adults don’t like to eat them either. This article is going to give you 12 ways to make veggies taste great. Experiment with these tips to find the ones that your picky eater or you yourself will like.



  • Some people like a savory flavor. If this is the case, try adding onions or garlic to your vegetables. You can even add both if you like. This works very well for veggies like carrots, green beans, greens, and peas.


  • Try combining a mixture of different vegetables, wrapping them in aluminum foil in individual portions, and cooking them in the oven or on the grill. You will want to lightly rub your aluminum foil with butter first. One tasty combination that works very well for this is potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, and onions with a nice thick slice of tomato on top. Jalapeños are also good with this mixture if you have a taste for spicy food. Season this with salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like.


  • Add fruit to salads. This gives a touch of sweetness to the greens and other salad veggies. Some fruits that are good to use in salads are apples, mandarin oranges, raisins and cherries.


  • Use them in soups. A lot of people like soup and most times the other flavors from the soup mixed with the flavors of the veggies turn out to be something that even someone who is picky about vegetables will like. Chicken and beef noodle soups would both be good ones to try.


  • Try making casseroles. Many casseroles are a combination of pasta, veggies, and meat. This would give you an all-in-one meal. If you prefer not to eat meat, there are also many casseroles that have only veggies and pasta or just veggies mixed with other ingredients. Carrot casserole, corn casserole, and green bean casserole are some very common veggie casseroles. None of these have meat in them and the carrot casserole is the only one that has pasta. Some of these have cream soups in them, which are sometimes a bit high in fat, but usually there is a low-fat version of these soups available also. The casserole idea is a good one because with all of the other flavors going on, the picky ones might not even notice the taste of the veggies as much, if at all.


  • Experiment with different sauces and dressings on your cooked veggies. Try different flavors of pesto and low-fat salad dressings. You can even try using hot sauce if you or your picky eater likes food with a little kick.


  • Try using different seasonings to find the combination that everyone likes. A few to try are oregano, dill, garlic powder, basil, chili powder, curry powder, lemon pepper, rosemary, cumin, and onion powder.


  • Add some low-fat diced ham or turkey bacon to your greens or green beans. This gives the veggies a wonderful flavor.


  • Add a touch of honey and low-fat butter to carrots, whether canned, frozen, or fresh. Just stir it in when the carrots are finished cooking.


  • Raw veggies make a great snack. If you don’t really enjoy them, try eating them with different healthy dips like low-fat cream cheese, honey mustard, peanut butter, and low-fat salad dressing.


  • Another thing you can do after your veggies are finished cooking, is squeeze a little juice of any citrus fruit over them. This will give them a nice little zing. Orange, lemon, and lime are all good options.


  • Probably the most important tip to make your veggies taste great is to not overcook them.


  • Overcooking takes away a lot of the vegetables’ flavor as well as removing most of their nutrients. It is best to cook your vegetables until they are tender crisp. If this is not cooked quite enough for you, add only 2-4 more minutes for best results.

82 thoughts on “Twelve Ways to Make Veggies Taste Great”

  1. Thanks for this great information on cooking veggies! I’m always eating most of my veggies raw. Thanks to your tip…. if I cook them I will not cook them as long!

  2. Myou wife and I have been using these tips for a while… it does take a little while to get into the “veggie groove”, but these tips will help make it easier!

  3. Great article, thanks for the good ideas! I’m definitely going to try adding fruit to salads to try and get my boys to eat more fruit.

  4. Really enjoyed the article on ways to spice up vegetables! Always appreciate new ideas and tips to make meals more interesting, thanks!

  5. Great article! I’m learning to use a lot more spices and not fats (butter or cheese) during the 6-week challenge. Really enjoying veggies cooked this way, and even raw!

  6. I may be an oddity…I love, love love veggies. I made roasted veg for a family gathering and was delighted by compliments from my most reticent veg eating relatives. Waukee’s Fresh Mediterranean has a honey balsamic vinegar that can add a touch of sweetness to your veggies.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I also like to put spinach and kale in my smoothies to get a healthy dose of veggies and it doesn’t change the smoothie taste.

  8. Thanks for sharing the article! That’s really good info, especially for us who are getting ready to make a healthy change in our lives!

  9. That’s great info! I didn’t realize overcooking the veggies would take some of their nutrients away.

  10. I love vegetables of most any kind and there are few tricks in here I had not thought of so will give them a try. Thank you for sharing this information.

  11. One of my favorite veggie tips is to make omelettes or frittatas. I throw in a combination of veggies, add eggs, and top with some fresh herbs. Delish!

  12. I do try to stay away from sauces…mostly because I enjoy the taste of most veggies. Looking forward to adding more (dark) veggies back into my diet after I finish the challenge I’m doing.

  13. Thank you for the Veggie Tips. I will Try some of the hints soon when cooking up my Vegetables. I particularly like the one about adding a little honey

  14. Thank you for the info. Lots of really great tips.

    Also strawberries,,blue berries, black berries, and raspberries are good in salads too.

    A great girlfriend of mine recently made a zucchini lasagne, there was meat in there too, zucchini noodles were used, it was amazing especially with as satisfying as it was.

  15. For really picky veggie eaters try blending up cauliflower or broccoli into tiny pieces and adding it to soup or salads or even pasta! I will try some of the other great ideas! Thanks!

  16. Obviously on the 6-week challenge you can’t have hummus, but is this a good alternative for dipping your veggies in as well?

  17. I’m one that enjoys eating vegetables and love to find new ways to eat them, especially with toddlers! Thank you for the great advice!

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